Contract Packaging

Contract packaging process that raises product value through our unique know-how and technology.

Kanae specializes in contracted packaging, in which we package products, and contracted manufacturing, in which we manufacture the end product. The package processing field is the areas where the technological, quality management and manufacturing capabilities of Kanae, in which manufacturing and sales licenses, etc. have been obtained, can be maximally utilized. Our plants equipped with the latest facilities are also superior in confidentiality, which allows us to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Contract Packaging

COSMO PACK Series (Aluminum-based 3D formed pouch)

KANAE's original aluminum-based 3D formed package series with a wide range of variations

  • COSMO PACK is available in a wide range of variations to suit different applications, contents, and specifications, and its single or double-sided forming and gravure printing enhance the display effect of your product.

    Contract packaging service of COSMO PACK is offered at our Kobe and Tochigi factories utilizaing the specialized automatic filling and packaging machines.
    COSMO PACK products are filled and packed in our factories and then delivered to you.

    • COSMO PACK protects contents from moisture, oxygen, and light.
    • Sophisticated display effects can be expected though the three-dimensional forming and gravure printing.
    • The most suitable "COSMO PACK" can be selected from among many variations of forms and packaging materials, according to the contents such as "liquid," "powder," or "granule," and the intended use such as "mixing at the time of use" or "dual chamber".
    • Available in both single pack and multi-pack.
    • Please consult us about special molds.
    • Please contact us about barrier properties other than aluminum-based packaging materials.

Contract packaging service for highly pharmacologically active pharmaceuticals (Special packaging such as AL-AL, paper card-trapped blister pack, etc. are also available)

Tochigi plant offers contract packaging services including primary packaging for highly pharmacologically active solid dosage forms in the dedicated area.

  • ■Acceptable products (based on the in-house standard)

    The acceptability decision for contract packaging services is made on the basis of a variety of information including the Occupational Exposure Balances (OEB), the Exposure Predictor Solid Band (EPS) of products and raw materials, and the details of the work to be contracted out.

    We generally accept contract packaging for the products with OEB and EPS listed in the table below.

    Occupational Exposure Balances (OEB) Exposure Predictor Solid Band (EPS)
    Sugar-coated tablets,
    film-coated tabletsand capsules
    Uncoated tablets

    *Please note that the plant is unable to provide contract packaging services for products and raw materials (penicillins, cephalosporins and other antibiotics, hormones, etc.) that cause hypersensitivity reactions in minute amounts because these materials must be handled at a dedicated facility.

AL-AL blisterpack (high-barrier blister pack)

AL/AL blister pack that protects the contents from the external environment.

    • The barrier property protects the contents from moisture, oxygen, and light.
    • The drug inside can be taken out in the same way as in conventional blister pack.
    • The conventional aluminum-based bister lidding can be used, as PVC or CPP can be selected as the sealant layer for the bottom foil.

    An actual machine suitability tests are required before adoption of this product.

Shima-shima PTP Packaging (Easy-to-open blister pack sandwiched with paper card)

By simpy bending the paper card, the drug can be easily pushed out.

    • By bending the paper cards, the bellows-like formed cavity is folded down to push the tablet out.
    • As no push-through force is required, the tablet can be easily dispensed even by patients who have difficulty with their fingers.
    • Contract packaging services are available at our factories using the dedicated machines.

Winner of the "Accessible Design Packaging Award" in the Japan Packaging Contest 2018 sponsored by the Japan Packaging Institute (JPI)
Winner of the Asia Star Contest 2018 sponsored by the Asian Packaging Federation (APF)
Winner of the "World Star Contest 2019" sponsored by the World Packaging Organization (WPO)