Production Organization

Kobe Plant


Our creative/development type plant offering futuristic packaging solutions. Our unique know-how and facilities combine to offer packaging solutions at this plant, which is equipped with the latest facilities that meet GMP standards and can process packaging of pharmaceuticals products, clinical trial materials and cosmetic products.

Tochigi Plant


A flexible production line with a focus on pharmaceutical packaging. This plant offers high standards in manufacturing facilities and environment, manufacturing and quality control systems that meet GMP standards, and is a specialized packaging plant for pharmaceutical products and clinical trial materials.

Ehime Daiichi Plant


Capable of contract sterilization process in addition to contract packaging, through expert knowledge in handling medical devices. The Ehime Daiichi Plant has manufacturing and quality control systems in place that are equivalent to those applied in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and accepts contracts to both package and sterilize products. We can assist you in manufacturing high-quality products.