樋髙 成憲

Corporate Message

Creating a bright future with packaging

Our vision for 2030

We will create new markets by developing new packaging solutions and thereby contribute to realizing a sustainable society.


樋髙 成憲

We want to bring joy and happiness to our valued customers through our services.

KANAE CO., LTD. expresses its commitment to delivering customer satisfaction and the customer first approach in its corporate message. We are striving to be aware of our customers' needs and to make utmost efforts to serve the needs while at the same time bringing joy and happiness and delivering safety and security to our customers through packaging technology.

KANAE was founded in 1956 as a company engaged in processing and selling flexible packaging materials made mainly from plastic film. According priority to protecting our customers' products through packaging and making the packaging safe and easy to handle for users, we have been endeavoring to help our customers enhance the value of their products.
In the more than half a century since our foundation, KANAE has developed into a packaging-based solutions provider active in five principal fields: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food products, personal care & chemical products, and medical products.
We have established an unrivalled standing in Japan and overseas as a unique packaging company with a wealth of experience and know-how in research and development covering areas ranging from packaging materials and packaging formats to packaging machinery. We have also obtained various manufacturing licenses for conducting contract packaging and contract manufacturing to further serve our valued customers.

I would like to express my appreciation to our stakeholders for their support that has enabled to us to develop.
Aspiring to be a good corporate citizen, we are working to protect the global environment and contribute to society.
Moving forward, as a comprehensive packaging company, we will continue with our pursuit of "Creating Packaging Solutions that Meet Your Ideal" and go beyond customers' expectations through the generation of unique values. We appreciate and would like to ask for the continuous support of our stakeholders.